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Edinburgh Trams are looking for volunteers to test their operational and safety procedures on Thursday  13th March 2014, to take part in an exercise starting at 9.30 and finishing at 2pm.
You will need to be at Murrayfield Stadium at approximately 9.30 for a briefing which will take place at 10 am.  The exercises will follow which will include a tram ride.  the exercise will be completed by 14.00.
This event will involve some standing around so volunteers are expected to dress appropriately for the weather.
If you are interested, please register by sending your name by email to by no later than Monday 10th March stating your full name .  If you are successful you will receive by e mail a unique code which you will have to produce on the day.
George Broom

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Glasgow Tram 1245 Restoration
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The Summerlee Transport Group


The Summerlee Transport Group (STG) was formed in 1988, in order to support the maintenance and operation of the tramway at what was to become Summerlee Museum in Coatbridge, operated by the then Monklands District Council.

Prior to being approved to operate the cars, STG members receive the appropriate training in the Motorschool. Training of motormen was initially carried out by Bob Connor and testing by John Wright and Idris Scott of the Glasgow Subway who also devised, wrote and carried out the “passing out” test for motormen. Subsequently, John retired and, in writing, named Brian Longworth as qualified to carry out all examinations. In more recent times, Robert Sutherland has been given the bulk of the training programme and last year George Murray was nominated as Examiner.

Since 13th May 1992 (& "backdated"), the Group has been granted Charity status (  SC020158), enabling application for certain Grants such as that for the modifications to Dusseldorf 392. The Group has raised thousands of pounds over the years, all of which have been spent on the museum and its tramway.

The STG has established a regular Thursday evening working group at the museum � this can involve anything from tram cleaning, track clearing and tidying-up to heavy engineering on the trams. The restoration of Lanarkshire 53 and Glasgow 1017 would not have been possible without the time and dedication of STG volunteers.


Below - the STG volunteers breaking the ice in Freezing January

Pictures taken in January of members clearing the snow and ice from the track
 Pictures by Ronnie Maclean

Janet Watson - our first lady driver at the controls of 53

All new volunteers are most welcome to attend!


George Broom

28 Drylaw Crescent,
Edinburgh EH4 2AU

Membership Secretary:
Ronnie Maclean

104 Main Road,

Cumbernauld G67 4AY


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