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Dunbeth Moss is one of a vanishing kind - A special bit of nature as it has been for millennia - It should be preserved"

Dunbeth Moss, situated at the south-west corner of area between Airdrie and Coatbridge, known as The Moss, is a “raised (or domed) bog”.

A bog is created by organic matter production that exceeds the rate of decay and its nature as a wetland is maintained by the high water holding capacity of peat fibres.

In a raised bog the peat is built up slightly higher in the centre, giving the bog a shape like an inverted saucer, it’s surface is raised above that of the surrounding drainage. Because of this shape, rain is the only water source into the bog.

Most raised bogs start out as lakes, and gradually become filled in with plants. The plants die and rot, eventually forming peat and build up over many years. Sphagnum moss forms the base of most bogs, it is acidic, poor in nutrients, and holds water like a sponge.

Raised Bogs are becoming rare!.  

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