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History of The Moss

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Kipps Works
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Mine Disaster

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Maggie Ramsay

Aul' NorthBurn

Dunbeth Moss

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The Penny Project

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The Aims of the Project

  • Promote and develop the area know as "The Moss and its environs, for the benefit of the community as a recreational and leisure facility, in the interests of social welfare.  

  • Improve the appearance and the management of the local environment.

  • Encourage sensitivity towards wildlife.

  • Develop working partnerships between local people, industry, education, local and central government and conservation bodies.

  • Provide training and job opportunities in various conservation and construction skills.

  • Encourage the widest possible community participation in the design and usage of the park.

  • Encourage an interest in industrial heritage.

  • Develop a park where people can play and learn in a secure environment.


"On 4th August 1998 the Planning Committee of North Lanarkshire Council gave the go-ahead by granting Outline Planning permission to develop the Park"

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