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The Candy Man
 Art Mcgivern
I remember when I was young, the Rag Man came around our street, all the kids they would  gather around him, he would shout who likes candy, we would all shouted ME.

He said again who likes candy, we would shout Me, by that time a crowd  of other kids from other streets would gather, he would shout again who likes candy.

We would shout Me, then he said  can't hear you, need to shout louder, then he said who likes candy, we would scream at the top of our voices Me,

He would then throw candy, I remember I was battered and bruised, skint knees, trying to get candy, I thought that if I was at the front row I would get candy without getting stood on but that was not the case.

The man threw it up and it landed in the middle of the crowd that is why I was scratched. trying to get candy. Then the Rag Man said go and get rags and get more candy.

I went into the house and got my dad's woollen pullover, My mum came out the house running after the Rag Man and managed to get the pullover back.

All I can remember is eating the candy, it was yum,  those were the days, what a great memory of growing up I will never forget it, to me it was worth, could not wait for the Candy man to come back again.

I only knew him by the name candy man, not the rag man till I got walloped for taking the pullover.

 It was  all worth the scrapes and scratches. 





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