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Our thanks to Robert [Rab] Smith the ex Office Sales Manager who has supplied these latest batch of photographs and narrative which accompanied them. Rab and his family emigrated to Canada in the late 1980s

Robert [Rab] Smith who completed a Lamberton apprenticeship and eventually became Sales Office Manager. Photo taken some years before at the turret lathes, behind the tool room looking out to the foundry.

More anecdotes  from Lambertons

 Gavin Gordon-fitter moved to Vancouver, Canada in the early sixties. Old Mr. Lamberton used to come out the door on the mezzanine / gantry, and take photographs. He got one of big Gavin with his steel 2 ft. rule down his boilersuit scratching his back, and of course embarrassed the big yin by showing it around. 

Gavin's brother Peter Gordon also worked as a fitter in Lambertons, unlike Gavin (ex-para), very much macho, Peter was quite refined. As Peter lost his hair, the guy's would joke with him about it, with quick motion of the hand, pointing to his mouth he would say "But I still have my own teeth!"You have to admit having all your own teeth at that age [50s] in Scotland, was something to brag about.> 

Rab Smith spent his first year in the Toolroom, where Harry Shanks was his Foreman and I Tom Frew who worked with Harry for several years as an apprentice agree fully that Harry was indeed one of natures gentleman. Should any of his descendents read this article they should be proud of him he was a great wee man.> 

Alex [Sanny] Carson was a legend and to us apprentices comparable with Methuselah which on reflection quite unfair however there was never an apprentice who worked with Sanny that was not issued the same guidelines / advice you got, "Don't stand where you can sit nor file, when you can chip!"> 

Alistair Bell, was as I recall nicknamed Addy! Served his apprenticeship in the late 1940s early 50s. Great fitness fan and tried his hand at amateur boxing but wised up early and did not pursue the sport. Great to know that in 2009 Alistair is still active and a keen bowler. > 

Here's one for George McRae's brother who we know reads the Monkland site. We had just finished the assembly of a Hydraulic Shear , and were testing it. Halfway through the cycle it stopped, everyone looked at each other, when we heard the voice, who else but Jimmy Dick [manager], say to George, open the valve and increase the pressure. The reply from George was with a few adjectives, open it your F**** self. it's all right for you standing away up there. Anyway George did open up the valve and low and behold the pressure release valve let go, and George was drenched in oil. I will leave it to your imagination, as to what George shouted after Jimmy, who walked away laughing.

Anecdotal & other comments by Rab!

Rabs father worked in Lambertons, his name was Jimmy, he worked on the boring mills. He also built a model steam train, that his mates said would not work, but it did.  

It was approx. the year 1999 when Lambertons was put in the hands of the receiver. The failing company was purchased by a management group for what was believed to be a sum of 1,000,000 pounds. The company was renamed Lamberton Enterprises. 

Here are some of the people  that may be recalled by the reader - Jimmy Smith, George Mcrae,[fitting shop foreman] - Donald Fraser, John Cassells, [machine shop foremen] - Donald once wore his sisters shoes to work!!.

Percy McFarlane, tool room foreman ( Percy was as we would say accident prone, every time spotted he had a plaster cast on some part of his body ), Bobby Greg, Welding shop foreman. [When old Mr.Lamberton was visiting the work, Bobby would speed round the work in the opposite direction to meet him, until Mr. Lamberton said hello. ) Then the second Mr Lamberton the one and only Jimmy Dick, The Manager. When Jimmy retired everyone said that he would miss Lambertons, his answer, "I work to live , not live to work!", and true to his word, he did not visit very often.

Rabs work experience  through 1960_1987 covered Fitting, Horizontal Boring, Production Office, Production Controller, Assistant Works Manager and Sales Office Manager before starting a new life in Canada. 

As Rab indicates more tales to come from the Lamberton Crypt!!!

Many thanks to Rab Smith for the anecdotes  TWF




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