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Sculptures in Central Scotland

On your journey into Glasgow on the M8 you cannot fail to see The Heavy Horse - a sculpture by Andy Scott.

The Heavy Horse
This sculpture of a Clydesdale Horse has become one of the best known artworks in Scotland.  Sited beside the M8 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, it stands 4.5 metres tall at the head and is made of galvanised steel round bars.

On the A80 - on road from A73 going east past Cumbernauld you can see another Andy Scott sculpture of a "mermaid" named Arria

The installation of the prestigious commission for an iconic landmark for Cumbernauld was completed in August 2010. The design of the sculpture is based on the original meaning of Cumbernauld, the Gaelic “cumer nan allt”, which means the coming together of waters.

The sculpture of a female figure, with swooping arcs which represent the waters, is 10 metres (32 feet) in height and was constructed in the studio in 15 sections. She was galvanised at Highland Colour Coaters in Cumbernauld.

The statue in the picture was erected on the corner of Woodside Road and Lismore Drive in 2004.  The sculpture by Michael Snowden was commissioned by Old Monkland Housing Partnership.  It depicts the man who gave Old Monkland its name. The Coatbridge Coat of Arms adopted in 1892 depicts a Monk with the stone in his left hand.

Easterhouse Phoenix
Inspired by the Heavy Horse, The Phoenix was commissioned by a consortium of local residents who were aware of Andy’s work through his commitment to community based projects. The concept of the phoenix as a mythological bird which rises from the ashes works as an allegory for the regeneration of the Easterhouse area of Glasgow. After years of decline the area has been transformed and the community wanted a sculpture to act as a prominent landmark on the approach road to the estate.

The sculpture has been adopted as the emblem for a local school.

The Kelpies
Completed at the end of October after almost 8 years planning, and one year fabrication and assembly, The Kelpies now reach into the skies above Falkirk & Grangemouth in central Scotland. They are the largest works of art in Scotland, and the largest equine sculptures in the world..

Opening April 21st 2014

The Kelpies tower a colossal 30 metres above the Forth & Clyde canal and form a dramatic gateway to the canal entrance on the East Coast of Scotland. Sculpted by Andy Scott, The Kelpies are a monument to horse powered heritage across Central Scotland.

Andy Scott

This website represents a sample of the works undertaken by Scottish sculptor Andy Scott. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art in 1986, Andy has now completed over 70 projects across a wide range of disciplines across the UK and internationally.

His distinctive hand-crafted figurative sculptures combine traditional dexterity with contemporary fabrication techniques, and range in scale from 3 to 30 metres in height.

He works with regular teams of structural engineers, fabricators, haulage & crane operators, lighting designers and a host of other specialist professionals to create striking landmark artworks


Blairbridge Arch, Coatbridge


at Airdriehill photo by Brian Cairns

You can’t miss a six-metre-high sculpture, named Skytower, which is the centrepiece of the community greenspace owned by the Forestry Commission. 

Created by artist Rob Mulholland - The tower stretches up into the sky some 6 metres, silhouetted against the skyline overlooking Central Scotland. The sculpture is made from cut lengths of metal rod which have been shaped to resemble sticks and willow. Each metal rod is welded and interwoven to create the structure, with over six thousand welds and fourteen hundred metres of steel rod - more than 1400 meters of steel rod and 6000 separate welds were involved in its creation.

Pupils from 2 local schools, St serfs Primary and Clarkston Primary collaborated o this project with visits from the artist and Community Ranger Andy Gallacher.  The children contributed to the overall theme of Skytower and created the adjacent sculpture which describes the natural elements in words.  Skytower was 

Woman Man Sun Moon -
at Newhouse overlooking the M8
The nine-metre high sculpture called Woman Man Sun Moon, is sited next to the Co-operative Group's new regional distribution centre in Newhouse at junction six. It was commissioned by ProLogis, and was designed by award-winning artist Kate Robinson, and made from aluminium. Seem more aspects at the web site http://www.katerobinsononline.com

Another sculpture by Kate - exhibited at Celtic Park - is that of Jimmy Johnstone 
The sculpture unveiled in December 2008, which was funded by Celtic Football Club, depicts a young Jimmy Johnstone from the late 1960s, the time of Jimmy’s most noteable achievements.

Shipbuilders  by Andy Scott
This sculpture was commissioned as a feature for ‘Clydebuilt’, the Scottish Maritime Museum on the banks of the River Clyde at Braehead. The composition is made up of a pair of shipyard workers who are posed hauling on the drag chains of a ship, pulling her towards the Clyde. The prow of the ship is built out from the wall of the museum and the figures lean out over the river walkway so that the spectator has an exciting and dynamic view of the sculptures from below.


Big Heids

One of several large sculptures on the A8/M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow, This one was installed in 1999 as part of the M8 Art Project. They are modelled on real people, and the work is a tribute to the Lanarkshire steel industry, made of welded tube and mounted on up-ended freight containers
A striking public art-work which forms a prominent landmark on the south side of the A8 trunk road, on the northern edge of the Eurocentral industrial and distribution centre, Big Heids comprise three giant heads each 10m (33 feet) in height and weighing 18 tons.

Supported on an upturned freight containers, some 7m (23 feet) high, the heads where installed in 1999. The controversial work cost £273,000 and forms part of the M8 Art Project, intended to form a 'sculpture corridor' along the road between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Designed by Methil-born sculptor David Mach (b. 1956), the sculpture is modelled on the faces of local volunteers, two men and a woman picked at random from the streets of Motherwell. It is crafted from thousands of welded steel tubes, of the sort once manufactured at the former Clydesdale Steel Works at nearby Mossend.

Lobey Dosser

Equestrian statue in honour of Bud Neill at Woodlands Road, Glasgow; featuring Sheriff Lobey Dosser along with his arch enemy Rank Bajin, astride Lobey's faithful steed El Fidelio (Elfie), the only two legged horse in The West. photograph taken on 17 April 2006 by User: Dave souza


Carmyle Heron

The 8 metres high figure of the Heron on the banks of the Clyde was made by Andy Scott in 1998 as a commission for Sustrans, a charity which promotes practical projects to encourage and facilitate people to walk, cycle and use public transport.  The sculpture symbolises the regeneration of the River Clyde in recent years, and the benefits to the environment which has encouraged wild life to return to a once polluted site.   It has acquired the title of the Carmyle Heron, but this is something of a misnomer for it is on the southern side of the Clyde from this district, just over the river from Clydeford Road. 

Polkemmet Country Park - The Horn
The Horn is a 24 metres high tubular structure beside the M8 motorway, which sits on a stepped concrete base. The elegant swan-like neck on top of a tapering vertical opens out into an oval trumpet which points towards the motorway and seems to ‘speak’ to the speeding cars.  . The stainless steel sculpture was commissioned by West Lothian Council, and was designed by artists Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion.  On windy days, the horn plays recorded music, poetry and famous quotes.

Sawtooth Ramps
Popularly known as the Pyramids, the Sawtooth Ramps are a public art installation that overlooks the east-bound carriageway of the M8 motorway 1½ miles (2.5 km) northeast of Blackburn and 2 miles (3 km) east southeast of Bathgate. The 305-m (1000-foot) long sculpture of seven 11-m (36-foot) high ramps are built of earth and seeded with grass, which is kept short by grazing sheep. Further interest was added in 2007, when these sheep were dyed bright red and blue. Click here for coloured sheep!!

A little further north to Dundee for this image of Desperate Dan
Photo by Stevie Spiers

Cairnhill Stump 1st View

Cairnhill Stump 2nd View

Introducing the Big Cairnhill Stump!!  Shades of Easter Island!!
Can be seen to left of Sikeside Road before Cromarty Road
Andy Capp statue in Hartlepool - well away from Central Scotland but with an added coloured bunnet especially for Art McGivern

Oor Wullie in the Cowgate


A MEMORIAL statue to San Diego's most famous dog was placed in Princes Street Gardens. The statue of Bum – is described as the San Diego US equivalent to Greyfriars Bobby

Buffalo Bill - In Whitehill Street,  Dennistoun, Glasgow

A bronze statue of Buffalo Bill was officially unveiled by Glasgow Springburn MSP Paul Martin on Friday 17th November 2006 in Dennistoun Village. The installation was commissioned by Regency Homes to mark their new development off Whitehill Street and to commemorate Buffalo Bill's Wild West show that opened there 115 years ago.

Outside the Gallery of Modern Art and forming an end to Ingram Street the statue of the Duke of Wellington by Italian artist Carlo Marochetti, was erected in 1844. Glasgow City Council plans to end the long-standing tradition of placing a traffic cone on Glasgow's iconic statue were dropped after a massive backlash.

Duke of Wellington - Limited Edition - Blue Hat

Roman soldier guards Dullatur
Dullatur is a village within the vicinity of Cumbernauld. The route of the Antonine Wall passed right over the site of Dullatur, and a Roman camp was actually sited there.

The Centinels  by  Lara Greene

A site specific public artwork commissioned by North Lanarkshire Council for Centenary Park, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, March 2008.  The work consists of two figurative sculptures, one male and one female. Their bodies reflect the arches of the railway viaduct behind them and their heads are constructed with tree & plant-like forms. Paving, planting and lighting around the sculptures has subsequently been created.
Galvanised steel, two sculptures 195cmx225cmx96cm each approx.







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