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Some links for Lanarkshire resources to aid research:

Courtesy of Monical  Roots Chat

To help find things more quickly, resources have been grouped in categories. The links here have been compiled from topics submitted by RootsChatters. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed Smiley

New Links: If you have any useful links that can be included here, please start a new topic and a moderator will transfer the link to this topic.

Broken Links: Occasionally, links change or are no longer available. If you find a link on this page that is no longer available, just send us an email via contact us with a brief description and that link can be modified or changed or removed.


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Mining in Lanarkshire
  • The main free Glasgow newspaper archives available currently to view on line are for the Glasgow Herald, issues range from 1800 - 1990. More issues continue to be added. The only problem is that you cannot search editions by key words, so you have to know what dates to check before starting a search. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=GGgVawPscysC -
    simply add year for search to see what issues may be available (insert a year in 'Date' box).
  • Check also at local reference libraries to see what newspaper archives they may hold and for what period.
  • The Evening Times Roll of Honour: During WW1, the Evening Times newspaper printed short biographies of service personnel who were reported lost, missing or wounded. Two searchable databases available. The date the entry appeared in the Evening Times is also included to let you search the newspaper archives at the Mitchell Library for full details -

Spare BMD certificates
  • Workhouse Locations, Scottish Poorhouses, Lanarkshire. There are eleven locations included for the Lanarkshire area, with the links located on the left hand side www.workhouses.org.uk/
Burials and Monumental Inscriptions

The Lanarkshire area has a large number of cemeteries. There is always a lot of interest on the Lanarkshire board regarding burial information and whether any monumental (gravestone) inscriptions may be available for an ancestor. This post tries to pull together the large number of posts throughout the Board and includes a link to that specific post here on RootsChat for a particular cemetery. Also included here are some external links that are available to search. Please be aware that some external sites make a charge for more detailed information and/or photographs, though basic information may be free. All information or material in this list contributed by RootsChat members is offered voluntarily and at no cost.

Lists of some of the cemeteries for Lanarkshire are available here:
RootsChat posts:
Published Monumental Inscriptions (free to view on-line):

External Sites:


Check individual local history societies' publication lists for details of booklets and CDs available to purchase directly from them.

Although not available to view or search on-line, the Mitchell Library is a great source for cemetery information including burials and MIs where available. Also worth checking directly with the offices of the North and South Lanarkshire Archives to see what records they may hold.

Census Records at CensusFinder



Scots Kith & Kin Genealogy

Forces Reunited

Ar Turas


Scottish Roots

Lanarkshire Family History Society

Scottish Family Research

General Register Office

Scots Origins

Church of The Latter Day Saints

Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet


UK mailing lists

Lanarkshire census, archives etc.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry




Scottish Forebears


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