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Her we will have a number of feature pages and articles on various topics.  Some items may also be obtainable from other menus. 

Your stories of past times.  We welcome your stories and photographs.

The Colliers of Scotland Tom Frew
Watson Bros of Airdrie
Bairds of Gartsherrie
This feature is about the family who shaped the Monklands area - indeed they had an effect on the whole of Scotland.  At one time they were farmers but as true entrepreneurs they recognised the potential in Iron & Steel.  This is a brief glimpse into this famous family.  Throughout the article you will notice many names that are remembered in  local street names.

Coatbridge Library by Tom Frew
Glenboig Fireclay
being mainly the story of the Glenboig Union Fireclay Co  & G.R. Stein Refractories
Garnkirk Bricks
Mining Methods

North Calder Heritage Trail
Gartloch Hospital
The Monkland Canal


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