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Welcome to Monklands Memories

We have recently added a few more great sculptures - unfortunately  we have to redesign those pages also - the pics are taking too long to load up.  The site has been growing too much over the years and it has been decided that the site will concentrate mainly on Local History and memories about or from local people. 
You will notice that a few - less popular - features have now been removed: .  Computers -Humour Pages, Poetry pages -some leisure pursuits such as: Cycling, Fishing, Hill walking,

History of the Monklands

For many people, the way into local history has been through tracing their family history.  The family historian wants to know about the history of the locality where their ancestors lived but equally the local historian is interested in finding out about the families in their locality.
Local history is all about telling the story of people and places over time. It should aim to trace the origin and growth and sometimes the decay of a local community.  This approach will help you to ask the right questions and to adopt a professional style to the work.

I have just added a wee picture of an 1966 tenement in Easterhouse - sent in by a reader in Wales - many thanks Valerie - see the pic on Easterhouse page.

You can help others by telling YOUR story

where is YOUR story?? 

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