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This a photo of St. Bartholomew's School boys taken on the 27th May 1950. The boys in the photo will be age 70, some of them are  now deceased and some of them might be still in the Coatbridge area, I have the list of most of the names of the ones that I can remember, the ones with the question marks not known.
Back row left to right- Jimmy Hannaway, Jim Docherty, Emit McGuire, Tosh Hay, Docherty, Mullan, Bernard Chomsky.
Back row 2, Ian leach, Diamond, McNearn, ?, Mitchell, ? Pat McLeary, Pat Getchal, Pat Quinn, Hands.
3rd row, McCracken, John Plunket, ?, L. Molloy, Joe Chanley, ?, Gallagher
4th row,?, Eddie Mackay, Jim Laidlaw, Pat Leonard, John Vallenty, John Hamill, Peter McGlade, Arthur McGivern. John Farrell,
Apologize for some of the spelling or names.

Writen by Arthur McGivern. (Digger 1).  

Click here or on the photo for a larger copy including the list of names!!

Art Today - now living in Canada  
Showing off Peter Drummond & James Smiths book -
Three Centuries of Change

Art spent some years living in the Slap up - read some of the comments on that area on the forum at

Plus a slide show and more comments at http://www.monklands.co.uk/slapup/index.htm

also Slide show of area as it is today http://www.monklands.co.uk/slapup/modern1.htm

slap up

by sugaroly June 27th, 2011, 8:43 pm

unlikly as it seems i wonder if there are any photos of the slums known as the slap up. There is one of turner st taken from where the bank social now stands. Is there any of kirk st , maybe jeany vovo's chip shop or kate devoys on turner st.
It was my first home hence the interest

Re: slap up

by jonnel July 9th, 2011, 4:28 pm

The old "slap up" houses were "Slapped up" by builders but the residents looked after them and kept them neat and shiny - if a little dilapidated!

I have been looking for photos of the area for some time but no luck so far. If you have any stories or photos please email me!!

The area consisted of Buchanan, Kirk, Oxford, Henderson and Turner Streets. This area is now completely different - good housing = some very new!


Re: slap up

by sugaroly July 18th, 2011, 10:56 am

HI John, I think including buchanan st and oxford st in the equation is stretching it a bit. I left there in 1948 as a 5 year old and my memories are very faint. we had coal fires so the coal man had one helluva job. I can not remember if it was gas or electric lighting prob the former.
Above is a photo of Saint Agustans school football team, the ages of the boys are 10 - 11 they were born in 1942 and 1943Some of the  boys went on to play professional football this is the list of the boys I can remember.
Top Left to right
#2 is Fassieownine, #4 Harry Hog,
Middle row left to right
#1Bernard McComiskie, # 3 John Plunket, #5 John Huges, #6  Dickson -( Goalie) #7 Eddie Gillick, #8 John Macken #9 Pat Whellen.  The teacher on the left  is coach, name Bradley and on the right Head Master.
Bottom Row
#4 John Hamill, #5 Pat Connerty with the team ball, #7 Pat Gardener, # 9 Joe Fassieownie and his brother on top row,
I was wondering if you could put the photo into the Monklands Memories, hopefully someone might fill in the blanks in the photo, maybe they might spot their dad or grandfather, please excuse the name spelling.  Thank you..
Art McGivern.




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